Optima Battery Review: Tried And True Performance For Your RV

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If you’re looking for an Optima battery review, it’s probably because you’ve heard that they’re good batteries for your RV. After all, it’s not unusual to see Optima’s name mentioned on lists of the best RV batteries. That can make it seem like a very attractive choice.

But do these batteries live up to the hype? Or do they fall short of expectations?

Before you invest in one of these batteries, it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into. Does it have the long-lasting battery life you’re looking for? And how does it compare to other RV batteries?

What Is an Optima Battery?

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Optima is a brand that’s been in the battery-making business since the 1970s. They are well-known for their SpiralCell and PureFlow Technologies, which provide long-lasting battery life.

For the sake of this Optima battery review, we’ll focus primarily on their BLUETOP batteries. Out of all their products, these batteries are the most appropriate for RVs.

Optima’s BLUETOP is a deep cycle battery. Deep cycle batteries are capable of holding large amounts of energy for a very long time. That makes them ideal for RV use.

Additionally, Optima’s batteries are very light, and you can mount them in almost any position. As a result, they're very easy to install!

What Else Should You Learn from an Optima Battery Review?

Naturally, there are a few more things you need to learn from an in-depth Optima battery review. Here are some more useful facts that will help you decide if this battery is right for you.

Is it appropriate for an RV?

Does it offer good battery life?

Is the battery durable?

How We Reviewed

Of course, it's not enough to just examine the Optima batteries themselves. If we want to create a balanced Optima battery review, we also need to check out how these batteries stand up to the competition.

When reviewing these RV batteries, we used Amazon customer reviews, professional reviews, and the products’ official websites as our main sources of information.

For these reviews, we focused on a few different aspects. These include battery life, durability, and ease of installation. Price was also a factor in these reviews.

How Does It Compare to Other RV Batteries?

While Optima is one of the leaders in RV batteries, there are lots of great batteries to choose from for your RV! Let’s see how Optima measures up to the top competition.

Universal 12v 100 AH Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery

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Another excellent choice for your RV is the Universal 12v 100 AH Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery (or model number UB121000-45978). It's a rechargeable, deep cycle battery.

Like the Optima battery, it's maintenance-free and can be mounted in any position. It also has less than a three percent per month standing discharge.

In addition to all this, it is both spill-proof and leak-proof. Hazardous fumes do not escape the battery when it’s charged. Instead, these are processed inside the battery itself.

Most customers described this battery as being an excellent value for the price. Several people used it for their RVs, and quite a few did so while camping in extreme weather.
Unfortunately, several people also complained that it wouldn’t hold a charge after a few discharges. For these customers, the battery only lasted a few months. Furthermore, these customers had a great deal of difficulty getting the battery replaced.

While this and the Optima BLUETOP batteries have similar price points, the Optima brand tends to be more durable. That makes Optima a better choice if you know you’ll be camping in harsher conditions.

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VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Deep Cycle, High performance AGM Battery

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The VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Deep Cycle, High performance AGM Battery is another affordable alternative. It is also a deep cycle battery.

It uses heavy-duty lead-tin alloys that give it an extra margin of performance and service life. That holds true even after repeated discharges.

The VMAXTANKS is also a maintenance-free battery. You’ll never have to add water to this battery. Additionally, this battery is resistant to shocks and vibrations. It is also non-spillable and non-hazardous.

Once again, customers were very happy with this battery’s value. Along with being affordable, it’s also very light and easy to install. Many people used this battery in all kinds of vehicles, including RVs. It performed very well in nearly all of these situations.

On the downside, some customers had issues with it failing after a relatively short period of time. That's despite the fact that it was fully charged when they first started using it. Still, most of these complaints were relatively few and far between.

This RV battery typically sits at a lower price point than the Optima and Universal batteries mentioned above. Like Optima batteries, it’s very easy to install. Again, your decision will come down to what kind of conditions you’ll be camping in.

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​Odyssey PC680

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Finally, we have the Odyssey PC680. Once again, this is a deep cycle battery. It claims to have the highest recharge efficiency of any lead battery on the market. In fact, it can be fully recharged within four to six hours.

Also, it claims to have a 70 percent longer life cycle than most other deep cycle batteries. This battery is vibration-resistant, and it’s tolerant of extreme temperatures. It also has a non-spill design.

Many customers appreciated how easy it is to install this battery. It’s very light and fits easily into various types of vehicles. Several people also said it lasts for years on end.

However, many people have also had major problems with this battery. Quite a few people had issues with it not holding a charge. These customers also had a difficult time getting their money back.

Like the VMAXTANKS battery above, the Odyssey PC680 generally sits at a lower price point than the Optima batteries. Although you might save some money with the Odyssey PC680, Optima is still the better choice for most RV owners.

Too many people have had too many problems with the Odyssey PC680, and you’re more or less stuck with it if there’s an issue.

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​Optima Battery Pros and Cons

As you’ve seen throughout this Optima battery review, there’s a lot to love about this battery. It’s light and easy to install. It’s also incredibly durable and holds up well in harsh weather conditions.

Plus, it works well with RVs, and it has a 120-minute reserve capacity.

Unfortunately, several customers had issues with this battery quitting after less than a year. In these cases, the battery would no longer hold a charge. Not everyone had this experience, but it still happened to too many people. Also, it’s a bit expensive compared to similar products.

Nonetheless, most customers were perfectly happy with this battery.


  • Easy to install
  • Very durable design
  • Long battery life


  • Some units won’t hold a charge
  • More expensive than competing models

​Is This the Right Battery for Your RV?

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Now that you’ve read through our Optima battery review, you have an idea of what it’s capable of and if it's the right battery for your own RV.

Optima makes very solid batteries that can survive very harsh conditions. That makes them a good choice for RV users that camp in less-than-ideal weather conditions. They also last a long time, and they’re a breeze to install.

But, again, we have to mention that some units seem to be defective. Ordinarily, the Optima BLUETOP is a very good battery. However, you are taking a risk when you buy one. That's especially unfortunate when you consider how much they cost.

That being said, it’s a great battery if you need something that can survive rough weather conditions. If you enjoy camping in extreme heat or cold, then this battery might be for you!

So what battery will you choose for your RV? Have you had any experience with the Optima BLUETOP batteries? Let us know in the comments below!

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