The Best RV Battery: 8 Choices That Won’t Let You Down

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Vacations are meant to be fun; even more so if you are fortunate enough to own an RV. Don't risk the fun of your RV outing; it’s better to make sure you have the best RV battery on hand to prevent unforeseen complications.

It’s easy to take a fully-charged battery for granted. I’ll never forget when my Dodge Intrepid’s battery ran out of juice during a family vacation in Branson, Missouri. Because running out of electricity can really dampen an otherwise happy outing with unplanned headaches.

In addition to the best RV battery, it’s crucial to have a battery charger and a pair of jumper cables, just in case. If you don’t, it could spoil your vacation. The whole point of recreational vehicles is to enjoy your spare time with loved ones. Without the best RV battery, you're leaving yourself open to the risks and dangers of being stranded on the highway trying to puzzle out how to recharge your vehicle.

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Considerations For The Best RV Battery And Longevity

Oxidants, acids, and salts have the innate ability to corrode metal. And battery leads are made of various types of metal. To mitigate the wear and tear on your battery and protect its useful life, it’s imperative to perform regular maintenance with baking soda and a wire brush to clean the terminals.

How RV Batteries Work

Recreational vehicles have different types of batteries. Some recreational vehicles have solar panel arrays, which draw power from sunlight and store power in a battery for electronic components not associated with starting the engine. In addition, RVs have starter batteries, which the alternator recharges, and they supply power to start the engine.

Moreover, SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries use a combination of tin, antimony, calcium, selenium, and sulfuric acid combined with water to create electrolytes that generate current.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are aware that batteries act as a reservoir for electricity, but often have many questions regarding their functionality.

1. Why does my RV have a marine battery?

2. Is it imperative to use deep-cycle batteries?

3. Will car batteries work in an RV?

4. How long does the best RV battery last?

5. How many volts must the battery have to work properly in my RV?

How We Reviewed

We reviewed by researching the various types of systems (solar, SLA batteries, etc.) and comparing batteries that power recreational vehicles.

Furthermore, we also took into account the number of customer reviews and each product’s overall Amazon rating to weed out models with too many complaints and negative customer experiences.

Best RV Battery: 8 Options To Choose From

The candidates for the best RV battery depend on your price range as well as total power output and follow in no particular order.


ACDelco AGM Battery

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The first candidate for best RV battery is the ACDelco battery. The manufacturer, ACDelco, founded itself in 1916 in Grand Blanc, Michigan, under its parent company, General Motors.

This model is pricier than the average marine or automobile battery. Furthermore, it weighs approximately 45.8 pounds and is an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery.
In addition, the manufacturer advises California residents to read proposition 65 before purchasing this product.

This model has a black plastic exterior, and naturally, it only has two leads on the top of the unit.

Positive customer reviews said that this is a great battery that is worth the price and that it has a good value.

Other positive reviews said this model lasted for many years without a hitch. Lastly, this product is priced towards the mid-to-high end of the spectrum.


  • High Amazon rating
  • No negative reviews
  • Top-mounted leads


  • Not the most inexpensive alternative

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​Mighty Max Battery

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The next alternative for the best RV battery is the Mighty Max Battery. Like other Mighty Max products, this battery has a solid black exterior and two leads on top. The leads are also color-coded as competing models.

This product is a 12-volt battery with 75-amp-hours of current as well. Furthermore, this is a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery that the manufacturer claims is maintenance-free.

Like most other SLA batteries, the manufacturer designed this model as a spill-proof battery backed by a 30-day refund policy should you be dissatisfied. In addition, it has a full one-year warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.

Positive reviews, nevertheless, claimed it works well and has significant power for a reasonable price.


  • Affordable
  • 30-day refund policy
  • 12-month warranty


  • Only a 75 amp-hour battery

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​Powersonic PS-12350NB

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The next alternative for the best RV battery is a Powersonic model. The PS-12350NBhas a gray and blue exterior, and like most of the other best RV battery models, this one has color-coded red and black leads on the top.

Naturally, this is a 12-volt and 35-amp-hour battery, as are most of the other batteries we curated. However, note that this model is less expensive than the average model, and lies towards the cheaper end of the spectrum. Some people believe you get what you pay for, but if saving money is your priority, this model is as much as half the cost of other batteries.

Positive reviews claimed this is a stable and reliable battery. On the other hand, a negative review claimed the battery wasn’t fully charged on arrival.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Convenient handle
  • Decent Amazon rating


  • Only a 35-amp-hour battery

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​Pride BATLIQ1018

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The next best RV battery alternative is the Pride BATLIQ1018. This battery is a little less than twice the cost of the previous battery, though it does have a similar design with color-coded leads on top.

As you might expect, this unit is hefty and weighs 36.6 pounds. Furthermore, this model is spill-proof because it is an SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery with an AGM (Absorbent Glass-Mat) internal separator.

In addition, the manufacturer claims it is a maintenance-free, rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position. The manufacturer also claims it resists shock and vibration, and that it comes with a one-year warranty.

Positive reviews claimed this model is a great battery that was still working well after several months of use.


  • Moderately priced
  • Nylon carrying handle
  • Sealed AGM spill-proof battery


  • Only a 55-amp-hour battery

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The VMAX MR127 is the next alternative for the best RV battery models, and VMAX certainly has a flashier exterior design than other manufacturers. And though it is a 12-volt battery, it differs from the previous models because it has 100-amp-hours, which is significantly more than preceding models.

However, it costs significantly more than all of the other batteries and is an outlier towards the high-priced end of the spectrum.

Also, the manufacturer claims that it uses no silica gels or other contaminants and that this model is an AGM battery. The manufacturer further claims that this model fits any Group 27 battery box and works with trolling motors.

Multiple positive reviews remarked this model is high quality, and one said this model is far superior to one they could purchase at Walmart.


  • 100-amp-hours
  • Deep cycle battery
  • AGM electrolyte suspension system


  • Rather pricey

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​Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT

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The Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT is another contender for the best RV battery model, and this battery is even more expensive than the previous model.

However, we really liked that it comes with a three-year and four-year full replacement warranty. We also liked that this model has a long lifespan. The manufacturer claims that it lasts up to 10 years and that it has a 70 percent longer lifespan than conventional deep-cycle batteries.

Additionally, the manufacturer rates this model up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. And customers can fully recharge this battery in as little as four to six hours.

Like most other battery designs, this model has a non-spillable design and vibration protection that mitigates damage from shocks and high impacts.

Positive reviews claimed this model was a good value and relatively inexpensive when factoring in its longevity.

A negative review, however, said that even though this model has a long life, it’s not useful because they needed side post terminals.


  • Attractive design
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Long warranty and service life


  • Expensive

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​WindyNation SLA Battery

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The WindyNation SLA Battery doesn’t have a flashy exterior and instead looks like a standard black battery. This contender for the best RV battery, however, has two advantages over the other batteries.

First of all, it is a 100-amp-hour battery, whereas some of the previous batteries were only 35-amp-hours and 75-amp-hours. Secondly, it’s significantly cheaper than the other 100-amp-hour batteries.

The manufacturer designed this model for Solar RV UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply) and measures it 100-amp-hours at the 10-hour rating. In addition, the manufacturer measures it at 110-amp-hours at the 20-hour rating.

We wished that this model had a longer warranty, though we were pleased to see it at least has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Unfortunately, a critical customer review claimed that this model only lasted them for six months.

On a more positive note, multiple reviews claimed this was a good-quality battery that worked well with their solar panels.


  • 100-amp-hours
  • Moderately priced
  • An SLA/AGM battery
  • Designed for solar RP UPS


  • A negative review claimed it has a short lifespan

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The final contender for the best RV battery model is another VVMAXTANKS product. This model is only a 35-amp-hour battery, which the manufacturer priced even cheaper than most of its other products.

One thing we liked about this model is that the manufacturer had its customers in mind when designing its exterior. Unlike most other battery models, this one has a convenient detachable metal handle on top. Batteries are incredibly heavy, and this foresight by the manufacturer makes it significantly easier to move and install.


  • Great carrying handle
  • Very inexpensive
  • Maintenance-free


  • Only a 35-amp-hour battery

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Finding The Most Electric Deal For Your RV

There are no two ways about it: Recreational vehicles need high-quality and reliable batteries. The best RV battery models will ensure you don’t suffer power outages at the least convenient time during your vacation.

If you have any personal experience with any of the batteries mentioned above models, we invite you to share your stories and experience below.

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